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About Apple Slushie

Apple Slushie is an indica-prevailing half and half that packs a strong flavor to go with its intense, murky high. Despite the fact that this current strain’s beginnings and makers are something of a riddle, we do realize that it’s a cross between impactful staple Sour Diesel and Pure Kush (which is an unmistakable phenotype of OG Kush, not to be mistaken for OG Kush itself). This strain offers a multi-faceted high, with an underlying cerebral kick that before long progresses into full body unwinding. Blossoms of Apple Kush have tried at somewhere in the range of 15% and 20% THC content.

How Do i get know know Apple Slushie when i see it?

Apple Slushie is set apart by medium-sized blossoms that are long and practically round and hollow fit as a fiddle. Restored appropriately, the buds have a thick, reduced structure, with the leaves firmly packed together. Leaves themselves are a brilliant green with traces of yellow. The furry pistils, which show up when in the plant’s initial development stages, contrast the green buds in tones of orange and dark colored. A thick covering of trichomes, on the surfaces and internal cleft of the blossoms, make this strain hard to separate without the utilization of a processor. While the blossoms have a specific spotless, fruity smell that helps a few clients to remember apples, there are likewise conspicuous botanical notes. Crushing or breaking the buds offers an increasingly sharp tang, suggestive of Cheese. When combusted, Apple Slushie has a bitter smell and a cruel smoke that may actuate hacking and cause eyes to water. On the breathe out, this strain balances its fruitiness with a zesty musk that deceives its OG Kush roots.

How does it help medically?

Dissimilar to certain half breeds that may mix the psychoactivity of indica and sativa into one adjusted, consistent experience, Apple Slushie appears to rather influence clients in two distinct stages. The high beginnings as a speedy headrush – smokers may feel more prominent pulse around their eyes and sanctuaries. This physical impact is met with an unexpected sharpness that may cause clients may feel progressively insightful or chatty. As the high wears on however, cerebral incitement diminishes, slipping clients into an extraordinary unwinding that can be felt somewhere down in the muscles. Breathing may back off as strain vanishes. This calming indica period of the high accompanies an increasingly marvelous outlook is best delighted in agreeable, well-known settings. In sufficiently high portions, couchlock can be normal. Thusly, Apple Slushie ought to be enjoyed during the evening or early night as opposed to morning or evening.

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