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Jack Herer was maybe the best hemp defender and most productive cannabis decriminalization dissident within recent memory. In 2010 he tragically died because of difficulties from a respiratory failure, and the worldwide Cannabis people group by and large lit one up in his respect.

Jack accepted that hemp would spare the world, and it was just right that a cannabis strain was made to guarantee that his legend will never kick the bucket. We cherished Jack the same amount of as we love the strain, a fitting tribute that has increased it’s very own reputation and is presently maybe similarly as well known as the man it was named for.

Know More About Jack herer

The strain is currently discovered around the world, from California to Amsterdam and past. Having won the Cannabis Cup an incredible multiple times, it absolutely satisfies it’s namesake as perhaps the best strain ever, and that is the reason we concluded it ought to be highlighted in our Hall of Fame.

Initially reared in Holland during the 1990s, the objective was to make a plant that conveys an inspiring impact usually connected with Haze strains, however with a diminished blossoming time.

The specific hereditary qualities of Jack Herer are a firmly monitored mystery and something of a puzzle, however it’s by and large accepted that Jack is a half Haze cross with some Northern Lights and Skunk. Every one of these strains are incredible and strong in themselves.


Jack Herer produces moist, thick, light green buds with rust shaded hairs. This strain is perpetually nearly canvassed in chilly sap clingy trichomes and gooey terpenoids flourish.

Pulling separated one of the nugs fills your nose with a hot sweet fragrance. It’s delightful and interesting, with notes of sweets and cinnamon. Light one up and you’ll taste the strain’s particular piney season and on the breathe out, a chilly, tropical taste that cools your throat.

Jack Herer is a marginally sativa-prevailing cross breed that gives a lucid, cerebral high combined with a solid fiery indica buzz simultaneously. The high experienced from the strain is euphoric and fiery, on a level that goes past what most sativas are able to do.

Jack Herer is perhaps the most ideal approaches to begin your day-the inspiring characteristics are incredible for movement or work out, and restorative patients have demonstrated this plant to be compelling in fighting numerous manifestations.




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