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Strawberry champagne

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A select coupling of hereditary qualities, strawberry champagne
is a similarly divided cross breed (50/50 – Indica/Sativa) that overpowers the faculties with its shimmering swollen calyxes and clingy tar encrusted pistils. When appropriately developed, restored, and dried, the blossoms keep up a black out likeness to the inebriating remedy for which this strain was named.

Progressively About This Strain

While the ‘Kush’ title is conspicuous right now, strawberry champagne
ought to be viewed as a lightweight inside the Indica family tree. Giving an unwinding, yet inconspicuous high – this current strain’s cannabinoids sneak up all of a sudden, permitting the buyer to appreciate a mellow body high that leaves the smoker feeling electric and inventive.

A decent strain for use during the daytime, strawberry champagne’s shivering body high may facilitate some lesser interminable a throbbing painfulness. Be that as it may, it is all the more frequently picked by those hoping to battle the anchoring impacts of pressure, uneasiness and misery related issue. A couple of find that this strain encourages them rest simpler also.



A lavish blend of hearty and tropical terps, Champagne will make them carry on with the high life. A sweet, grape breathe out goes with the tropical breathe in splendidly.

Strain Name: strawberry champagne

Evaluation: B

Type: half and half 50/50


brilliant green extremely long hairs


particularly like champagne


like it smells not extremely solid


head surge

Power: 7/10

Great Strain For: daytime movement

strawberry champagne is an indica-predominant cross breed that offers an assortment of ascribes fit to various tastes and sicknesses. With a charming and unmistakable load on the appendages combined with an overwhelming, insightful personality, this strain adjusts to the shopper’s needs with measurement. On the lighter end, expect a headier excursion with state of mind improving impacts that by and large lead to a feeling of prosperity. Yet, with proceeded with utilization, this strain can prompt a weighted body and mind that feels reflective at its center.


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